Three Benefits of Christian Education

One of the big questions facing Christian education is why parents should spend the money to send their kids to a private, Christian school instead of sending them to a public school that they are already paying for through the taxes. Christian educators are tempted to comment on how much better the environment is or how “wicked” public schools are. Those answers only take us so far, however, in truly looking at whether there are significant benefits for Christians to send their students to Christian schools. Having taught in several Christian schools and having attended a Christian school myself as a junior high and high school student, I suggest that there are three benefits of Christian education that every parent should consider.

Benefit One: Christian Discipleship

The heartbeat of any truly Christian organization is the Great Commission found in Matthew 28:19-20 where Jesus commands His disciples, “Go therefore and make disciples… teaching them…” We are to be about the work of making disciples. Making disciples is a process that comes in many shapes and formats and is a part of being in community with fellow Christians. Paul calls it being a part of the body. As we participate with other parts of the body, we grow and mature in our relationship with the Lord. Christian schools provide an educational discipleship that many students do not receive in government schools. Being surrounded by teachers, administrators, coaches, and other students who are seeking to live as disciples of Jesus on a daily basis is a tremendous benefit to your student, your family, and your community.

Benefit Two: Biblical Application and Worldview

Often when we think of educational elements like history, math, science, and language arts, we don’t consider the worldview from which our students are taught. Most of us look at mathematics and wonder how you can pull God into the subject at all. Most of us never consider that the God that we serve has so ordered His creation that mathematics exist because He does. Order exists, not as some arbitrary or accidental coincidence but because God created order out of nothing. If you went to public school as a student, you probably missed the biblical application of God’s work through historical movers like Alexander the Great who unified the ancient world through Greek language and culture, who then paved the way for the Roman Empire, which in turn brought in a unique era of peace and unity through their roads and law. Most educational institutions would simply state the facts of these historical eras and neglect the work of God in preparing the world for the spread of the Gospel through the Greek and Roman Empires. Biblical application and worldview open the eyes of students to God’s work in and through their educational subjects. God can be seen in math, science, language, history, and the arts through Christian education.

Benefit Three: Christian Community

All Christians are called to live out their faith in community. Christianity is not about living our lives in isolation from others. Young Christians, and especially students, are in need of being surrounded by encouraging and edifying believers. This takes place for students primarily in the home, then in the local church, and the next sphere of influence for your student is determined by where they spend the most time, which is usually school. In fact, most students will be far more influenced by their school environment than church because their time with people at school far surpasses their time at church. The community that you choose for your student will have a tremendous impact on the spiritual growth of your student. Christian schools provide continuous reinforcement of biblical teaching that the student is receiving at home and in church, and provides a safe environment for them to work out their faith through service projects and other opportunities. The Christian community found in Christian schools adds a biblical foundation to their social development.

These three benefits of Christian education are only the beginning. The administration and staff at Cleburne Christian Academy are dedicated to giving our students biblically based education that prepares them for the life the Lord has called them to live. We would love to answer your questions about the benefits of Christian education and how you can get involved in ministering to students through Christian education. We believe that the Lord will use us to equip the next generation to impact the world for Christ.

Grace and peace,

John Turner

Head Administrator of Cleburne Christian Academy

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